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It was no surprise that when Raul and Mexia united their solo musical acts, their innate sibling bond translated into an intrinsic musical connection.

The brothers first came together to form a musical project to stand up for a community issue that connected with their own experiences as children living in San Jose, CA. They garnered increased attention after the release of their song, “Todos Somos Arizona,” which addressed the plight of immigrant families, especially in light of the Arizona-based SB1070 law. With the viral hit of their first song as a duet, the brothers took to the studio and thereafter released the highly-anticipated album “Arriba y Lejos” that successfully placed them in the mainstream Latin/Bilingual music industry.

Soon after, Raul Hernandez and Hernan ‘Mexia’ Hernandez began performing with their brother, Giovanni Hernandez on drums and close family friends Matt Gonzalez, Eduardo Montelongo and cousin Abraham Alvarado as special guests. However, their performances were infused with an impermeable synchronicity and an obvious passion for music, the evolution to become a quite literal band of brothers was irrefutable.

While the connection between each member of Raul y Mexia + Suenatron is organic, their musical backgrounds make for a bit more of a motley crew. The brothers and friends are rooted in traditional Norteño music and have continually maintained their connection to the familiar traditions, yet each brings their unique modern influence into the mix, from hip-hop to rock to experimental and anything in between.

The resulting musical product being a fresh take on Cumbia and Norteño influenced Pop music for a new generation of fun-seeking, dance-loving urbanites.

Working within the familial circle has not only provided an intrinsic connection within the group, but has injected a deep sense of camaraderie both on stage and on the road. “There is never a dull moment with our band,” says Raul y Mexia + Suenatron “there is always something funny happening. At the end of the day, we are group of good friends doing what we all love, playing and performing music. We all share that passion and dreams!”

The dynamic group has also incorporated family and friends behind the scenes, recruiting friend Jasmin Elizabeth Lopez to assist with songwriting on the first album and enlisting the mentorship of the Hernandez patriarch Hernan (member of iconic GRAMMY® award winning Norteño music group Los Tigres del Norte) as well as close friend Toy Selectah to mentor the group while they begin their journey in the recording studio.

As Raul y Mexia + Suenatron came together piece by piece, so they plan to begin laying the road for a new, innovative sound in the music world.

Raul y Mexia + Suenatron are currently in the studio in their home-town of San Jose, California, recording their first album with their very own Matt Gonzalez heading production in collaboration with the Hernandez brothers – Raul Hernandez, Mexia Hernandez, Giovanni Hernandez, & band mates Eduardo Montelongo and cousin Abraham Alvarado. The band plans to release their freshman album in the United States and in Mexico on their independent label, Sueños

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